Design Makes a Difference 'A Child's Chair Project II'

Design Makes a Difference 'A Child's Chair Project II ' This is the second initiative for the NSPCC to raise vital funds for the Rebuilding Childhoods Appeal at the Pavillion of Art and Design , Berekeley Square , London. Francis Sultana in collaboration with the Rebuilding Childhoods Volunteer Board, including Bodil Blain and Sojin Lee have asked leading artists and designers to customise the Vitra edition of the Veere Pantone chair (child size) to be exhibited at the fair this coming October.

These unique chairs will be sold during the fair with 100% of the proceeds going to NSPCC. Artists and designers participating in this initiative include Fredrikson Stallard, Oriel Harwood, Zaha Hadid, Barnaby Barford, Alexander Taylor and Mattia Bonetti amongst others. The artists and designers all have a very unique style which ranges from the minimalist to the baroque, from the functional to the decorative. All the concepts of customisation retain the spirit of the artist and designers at the same time creating pieces to encapture the child's imagination.